Taste, Textures, Macros: The 15 Best Protein Bar Lines Reviewed

There are so many different protein bars available now it's hard to keep track. And it's not helped by the fact that every company tries to make their bars sound like the best thing since sliced bread (or your preferred low-carb alternative).

I put together this handy review of the 15 best protein bar lines on the market to let you know exactly what to expect in terms of taste, macros and texture.

I'll touch on flavours too, but I'm not including an in-depth review for each flavour. Mainly because that would be a ridiculous amount of text, and you'd fall asleep by the third bar like a lightweight on a pub crawl.

My credentials? I've tried more protein bars than you've had hot dinners, because tasting protein snacks is a key part of my self-appointed (and probably made up) role here as taster-in-chief.


This Swedish company has grabbed the protein bar market by the bells with its refreshingly unique protein bars. All of these flavours are so well executed, they are an absolute must try.

barebells protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
198 20 15 1.7 4.5 9.2 5.4

The fat is a touch high but overall the macros are impressive, especially given how incredible they taste.


They all come with a super-soft centre but aside from the texture varies a lot from bar to bar. This may be why they are so good - there is no 'one size fits all' texture but instead each has been designed to work with the flavour.

Flavour highlights

There are no stand out flavours because they are all so, SO good. 

BSN Syntha-6 Edge

These bars are very soft but also pretty chewy. They are definitely for the chocolate lovers. Front and centre for each flavour is a sweet milk chocolate taste.

 BSN syntha-6 edge protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
226 20 21 3.7 7.1 8 4.9

The carbs are a little on the high side compared to most bars but apart from that the macros are fine.


Soft and chewy, with a gooey chocolate/caramel layer along the top and chopped nuts or chocolate chips added for texture. The chocolate coating is one of the thicker ones I've seen.

Flavour highlights

Salted Caramel, Vanilla Chocolate Fudge


These are some of the best looking bars you can buy, usually topped off with chopped nuts and/or an icing type drizzle. This nice touch is lost on me as any protein bar is already in my mouth a few seconds after unwrapping. But if you're the type who appreciates a good looking snack (or just wants to put it on Instagram) then these are for you. Oh - and they don't taste bad either.

fitjoy protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
225 20 12.8 4.3 11.5 7.8 3

Low carbs and fairly low sugar, these beauties won't put much of a dent in your macros.


Super soft and normally broken up with chopped nuts which makes a refreshing change from the crunchy pieces used in most bars - but means they have slightly less of a crunch.

Flavour highlights

Cookies and Cream, Frosted Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Peanut Butter

Poor flavour

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle (too sour and tart, and no chocolate to be seen)


Fulfil know how scared you are of sugary fruit destroying your macro goals, so have packed each of these beauties with 100% of your RDA of 9 multivitamins. 🍎 A Fulfil a day keeps the doctor away then.* They have insane macros given how good they are, but it's also worth noting that they're not as filling as some of their less macro friendly counterparts.

*I am not authorised to give medical advice. But I used to be pretty good at Operation.

fulfil protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
197 20.1 10.9 2.3 10 7.4 4.3

These bars clock in at 200 calories or less so are up there with Quest as the most low calorie and low carb protein bars around. Perfect if your diet is so strict that licking a rice cracker would put you over your daily calorie target.


The texture varies quite a bit among Fulfil bars, but the majority of them have a delicious Carb Killa style texture of a soft base with a crunchy topping and caramel.

Flavour highlights

Dark Chocolate & Mint, White Chocolate Cookie Dough, Peanut & Caramel.

(Slightly) Poor flavour

Strawberry & Vanilla (firm and chewy texture, taste is a touch artificial. Maybe unfair to say it's a poor flavour - it's not bad but it's just not as outstandingly good as the rest)

Grenade Carb Killa

Probably the most popular protein bar line in the UK, and it's easy to see why. They come in a range of flavours from your standard caramel and cookies and cream bars to more unusual (and brilliantly executed) flavours like banana, coffee and orange.

They also respond very well to a quick blast in the microwave (emphasis on quick - if you try and microwave these for three minutes like a ready meal you can expect to come back to a protein puddle).

grenade carb killa protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
216 22.5 14.6 1.7 6.6 8.3 4.2

These bars always pack an impressive set of macros - over 20g protein and not much in the way of carbs or sugar.


Grenade Carb Killas were pioneers of a certain texture that many brands have since imitated. Think a soft, slightly chewy centre topped with caramel and crunchy pieces and all wrapped in a layer of chocolate.

Flavour highlights

White Chocolate Cookie, Banana Armour, Caramel Chaos, White Chocolate Mocha

Kinetica Protein Deluxe

Kinetica were the first bars to feature this style of texture. Its a great balance of soft and crunch and it's no wonder many brands have since imitated it. But many people haven't heard of these. On the protein bar hype scale of zero to Carb Killa these sit firmly at the lower end. Which is a shame because they taste unreal!kinetica deluxe protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
246 20.5 24 2.3 <0.4 11 6.3

The sugar is low but the carbs and fat are a little high. But they are very indulgent and well worth an occasional (or daily - we're not judging!) macro splurge.


Super soft and sweet centre with a caramel layer and crunchy pieces and a thick chocolate coating.

Flavour highlights

There's only two flavours, and they're both highlights (but also both pretty similar)

Mars / Bounty / Snickers

Knowing that hidden inside every fit person there is a fat kid just dying to get out, Mars made the smart move of making protein versions of their most popular chocolate bars. At just over 50 grams they're a little on the small side and won't fill you up. But this does allow them to be kept to under 200 calories.

mars snickers protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
197 18.6 19.2 10.3 2 5.8 3.1

I applaud the low calories but the sugar in these is fairly high compared to most bars, especially given their small size.


All soft and fairly chewy, with a thin chocolate coating.

Flavour highlights

All three are pretty good imitations of their chocolate bar counterparts, though Mars is the weakest. It's a decent Mars bar imitation but as protein bars go it's not particularly exciting.

MusclePharm Combat Crunch

These bars were released in mid-2014, an age when the average protein bar was a chewy, chalky, flavourless mass. So given they are positively ancient by protein bar standards it's impressive they still hold their own in today's market. They are chewier than average but that's not a bad thing and is more a matter of personal preference. The flavours are generally well-executed and (spoiler alert!) they have a nice crunch.

musclepharm combat crunch protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
210 20 13.8 5 12 7 4

The macros on each of these bars is identical which probably means they're more artificial, but on the plus side did make my average macros table very easy to calculate.



Chewy centre covered in crunchy pieces and a chocolate coating. There's no caramel/gooey layer like with some of their competitors, but they aren't at all dry either so you definitely won't miss it.

Flavour highlights

Cinnamon Twist, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, S'mores

MuscleTech Nitrotech Crunch

To those of you uninitiated in the world of supplements you could be forgiven for thinking MuscleTech Nitrotech was one of those banned pre workouts. You can relax though, it's simpler than that. Manufacturers decided that the more masculine and scientific a brand name sounds the more it will sell, and have have been trying to outdo each other ever since.

Texture wise these are similar to their Combat Crunch brethren above, but the flavours are executed differently and these bars are a little bigger.

muscletech nitrotech crunch protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
240 22 19 5 5 7 4

The calories and carbs might look a little on the high side, but are completely justified given the bar is larger than average at 65g. And 22g protein is not to be sniffed at (unless snorting protein is your thing)


A chewy, firm(ish) centre surrounded by very crunchy pieces and a chocolate/icing coating.

Flavour highlights

Vanilla Birthday Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter

OhYeah! One

These guys know that enjoying sugary treats lead to you punishing yourself on the treadmill, so they've created bars with only 1g of sugar each. These have imaginatively been named One bars. They are generally very tasty and well worth checking out. 

ohyeah! one protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
220 21.1 14.2 1 9.6 7.6 5.1

These have very clean macros all round and the consistently low sugar is particularly impressive.


One bars are very soft and easy to chew, with small crunchy pieces throughout each bar which give it a light crunch. This texture works really well but if a big crunch is important to you these bars probably aren't the One (...sorry, I'll see myself out). They come with a chocolate or icing style coating. Special shout out to their birthday cake flavours - the sprinkles on these give them a completely unique texture.

Flavour highlights

Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel, Maple Glazed Doughnut, Peanut Butter Pie, Blueberry Cobbler

ProSupps MyBar

ProSupps only released these, their first protein bars, in early 2017 so they were a little late to the protein bar party. But they've made up for lost time as all these bars are instant classics.

prosupps mybar protein bar


Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
220 20 16 6 1 10 5

Not bad but keeping in mind these bars are a little smaller than average (weighing 55g) the macros aren't anything to write home about either.


Delicious soft-baked, almost cakey centre with either crunchies or peanut chunks on top and a chocolate coating. Really impressive.

Flavour highlights

All of them. Seriously, every flavour is top notch. 

PhD Smart Bar

It's kind of PhD to call these Smart bars, because after wolfing down three of these big bars in half an hour I was definitely starting to question my intelligence. They copied the texture of a few other protein bar lines to a T. But they also bought some new, delicious flavours to the table so I'm not complaining.

phd smart protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
238 20 23 0.6 0.6 11 7

The macros aren't amazing, and even though these bars are a little bigger than average the carbs and fat are a bit on the high side. But they taste amazing so we're not complaining.


Like the Dynabar and Kinetica Deluxe before it, these bars feature a super soft centre wrapped in gooey caramel and crunchy pieces and a thick chocolate coating. They're an absolute pleasure to eat.

Flavour highlights

Chocolate Brownie, Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Poor flavour

Choc Peanut Butter (certainly not a bad bar, but just not as peanutty as I'd hope to see)

Protein Dynamix Dynabar

These gorgeous bars have a super soft centre wrapped in caramel and crispies and with a generous chocolate coating. They are quite high in sugar but they taste amazing, and could be mistaken for a regular chocolate bar.

protein dynamix dynabar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
267 20 24.5 15 0.4 10 6

A considerably higher amount of sugar than you'd find in most other protein bars. This bar is clearly a treat, but if you're obsessive about sugar there are similar low sugar alternatives (Kinetica Deluxe, Warrior Crunch, PhD Smart).


Decadent - a thick chocolate coating, super soft centre and caramel/crunchies combo.

Flavour highlights

Only comes in two flavours and both are equally good, you just have to choose between chocolate and vanilla!


The most famous protein bars in the world. Which comes as no surprise given their huge marketing budget. In fact they're the only company I know of to have commissioned a song and music video about one of their bars. It's called Stud Muffin. Spoiler alert: it's terrible.

quest protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
197 20.3 11.2 1.2 14.3 7.9 2.3

These often clock in at under 200 calories and have one of the lowest carb counts of any big protein bar line. As clean as protein bars get.


Firm and chewy bars often made with chocolate-style chunks that break up the texture nicely. Quest are masters of the chunk, so if you're a chunk fan these are a must try. Also respond well to being heated in the microwave for 10/15 seconds.

Flavour highlights

Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream

USN Delite 22

I was never particularly impressed by USN's previous protein bars because they looked like the kind of thing you'd find in a Pound Shop. But these Delite 22 bars, despite being very similar to Carb Killas, are pretty good and different enough to be well worth a try.

usn delite 22 protein bar

Average macros (grams)

Cals Protein Total Carbs Sugars Fibre Total Fat Sat. Fat
220 22 16.5 2.7 10.5 8 3.7

 A solid set of macros all round, and 22g protein in a 60g bar is respectable.


As mentioned, these are very Carb Killa-like with a soft, slightly fluffy centre, a layer of caramel above, and topped off with crispies and a chocolate coating.

Flavour highlights

Chocolate Brownie, Banana Waffle

Poor flavour

Strawberry Cheesecake (extremely sweet and artificial strawberry flavour. Tastes no more like a cheesecake than the chicken breast and broccoli you (probably) had for lunch)

Try them for yourself

We stock all these beauties and more in our shop. The shop also has reviews of every flavour, so feel free to look around it if you want to go more in depth.

If you'd like to enjoy a selection of the latest and greatest protein snacks arriving at your door each month you should try a subscription.


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    Цель игры собрать все мешки с денежными знаками и скорее добраться к финишу. В наше время некоторым кажется , что они нуждаются в деньгах намного больше , чем другие.
    Ты можешь собрать мешки на одном уровне и перейти на следующий через специальный тайный переход. Надо им помочь в этом нелгком деле. Персонажи игры могут становиться друг на друга , чтобы преодолевать высокие препятствия. Так , одним авантюристом можно руководить , применяя кнопочки WSAD , а другой станет перемещаться клавиатурными стрелочками. Освободить угодивших в тюрьму ребят , случайно попавших в казематы , попросит игра нужны деньги 1 на двоих. С металлическими браслетами на запястьях бандюги безопасны , а вот нашему герою кроме поимки злодеев придтся еще побегать по зоне в поисках наличных. Раз уж у правительства нет средств на покупку полного комплекта амуниции для надзирателей , тогда парню нужны деньги 3 , чтобы самостоятельно купить дубинку , электрошокер , газовый баллончик , пистолет и винтовку для самообороны. Вместе с лучшим другом тебя посадили в подземные катакомбы одной из американских тюрем. Многие сидельцы тюрем начали проявлять неповиновение в отношении надзирателей.
    Игра Нужны Деньги 2 | Игра нужны деньги 1 играть онлайн.
    Игра Нужны Деньги 2. Раздел Игры На Двоих Играли 3798. Оцени игруЗдесь расположена онлайн игра Нужны Деньги 2, поиграть в нее вы можете бесплатно и прямо сейчас. Здесь вы оказались по ошибке и теперь нужно собрать побольше денег, чтобы подкупить охранников и скорее выбраться на свободу. Нужны деньги 3. Оригинальное название игры Money movers 3 Guard duty. Раз уж у правительства нет средств на покупку полного комплекта амуниции для надзирателей, тогда парню нужны деньги 3, чтобы самостоятельно купить дубинку, электрошокер, газовый.
    Игра нужны деньги 1 на двоих онлайн играть бесплатно | Бесплатные Игры Online.
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    Здесь вы оказались по ошибке и теперь нужно собрать побольше денег, чтобы подкупить охранников и скорее выбраться на свободу.
    В наше время некоторым кажется, что они нуждаются в деньгах намного больше, чем другие. Два брата, заключенных в тюремную камеру посчитали именно так.
    Игра Нужны Деньги 2. Раздел Игры На Двоих Играли 3798. Оцени игруЗдесь расположена онлайн игра Нужны Деньги 2, поиграть в нее вы можете бесплатно и прямо сейчас.
    Нужны деньги! Игра Нужны Деньги 2. Раздел Игры На Двоих Играли 3798. Оцени игруЗдесь расположена онлайн игра Нужны Деньги 2, поиграть в нее вы можете бесплатно и прямо сейчас. бесплатные игры online.

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