The Quiz Explained

1) For a muscle to get stronger, it must get bigger. True or false?
Muscle strength depends not only on the size of your muscle fibres, but also on how many muscle fibres can be activated and used. Every time you challenge your muscles your brain recruits more muscle fibres, until most are being used. Only then will your fibres start growing bigger, and you can build a lot of strength before that point.
2) When does your body most need a protein supplement?
Before bed
Post workout (CORRECT ANSWER)
Upon waking
There's no bad time for a protein supplement, but post workout is the most important time. Your muscles have just been put under a lot of stress. They need a fast-absorbing protein (think whey) to kick start muscle recovery and growth.
3) Free weights vs machines: which allows you to work a wider range of muscles?
Free weights (CORRECT ANSWER)
Machines have a fixed arc of motion, so isolate the muscle worked much more than free weights. This can be useful e.g. if you're working around an injury. But free weights let you work more muscles as there is no fixed arc of motion, so your body must use stabiliser muscles to help you complete your reps.
4) Which of the below is a real benefit of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)?
It has a lower risk of injury than steady state cardio
It burns more fat post-workout than steady state cardio (CORRECT ANSWER)
HIIT triggers a higher rate of oxygen consumption by your body post-exercise to help your body recover. This is accompanied by a greater need for bodily fuel, meaning your fat stores being broken down and used for energy. Steady state cardio will trigger both these processes too, but to a lesser extent as it is lower intensity.
5) Which of these two carbs has the highest protein per 100 grams?
Brown bread (CORRECT ANSWER)
Brown bread has a surprisingly high 11g protein per 100g, while potatoes only have 2g protein per 100g.
6) Lifting weights will strengthen your bones. True or false?
Many studies have shown that regular weight lifting increases bone density and so strengthens your bones.
7) What is the correct way to perform a standard barbell bicep curl?
Curl the barbell upwards for 2-3 seconds, squeeze at the top then quickly drop it back to the starting position to save energy for the next rep
Do whatever you need to do to get the bar up, as more reps equals more growth
Curl the barbell upwards for 2-3 seconds, squeeze at the top and slowly lower it for 2-3 seconds to the starting position (CORRECT ANSWER)
Curl the barbell upwards for 15 seconds then do a slow 20 second descent for maximum time under tension
8) Which of the below is more important to make your muscles defined and get that "ripped" look?
Losing body fat (CORRECT ANSWER)
Lifting weights
Your muscle definition is more to do with how much body fat sits on top of your muscles than the size or shape of the muscles themselves. If you want to look ripped lifting weights is important, but your main focus should be on using calorie control and cardio to lose body fat.
9) It's better to squeeze out one more rep, even with bad form, to make sure your muscles are really fatigued. True or false?
You should never lift with bad form. It recruits other muscles or uses your momentum, which means your target muscle is no longer being worked. It also carries a much higher risk of injury.