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Dr Zak's Protein Clusters - Chocolate

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Big props to Dr Zak's for originality here; protein clusters is an exciting new way to snack on protein. The texture is great, the clusters have a satisfying crunch to them. The chocolate flavour is good - it's very chocolatey and not too sweet. But there is a faint aftertaste of the pea protein that forms the main ingredient in these. It's not strong enough to be really offputting, so we'd still call this a decent product overall. But we hope in future iterations the doc can eliminate this aftertaste completely.

Nutrition Total (30g)
Calories 129
Protein 10
Carbs 10
(of which sugars) 2.5
Fibre 2.7
Fat 5.6
(of which saturates) 3.1

Pea protein crisp (Pea protein isolate, manioc starch), Plain chocolate (Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier-soya lecithin, Natural vanilla extract), Gluco fibre, OatFlakes, Wholemeal wheat (gluten) flakes, Vegetable fat (sal, shea, mango), Soya protein isolate, Tapioca Starch, Gum arabic