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Grenade Killa Coffee - Caffè Latte

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Grenade have captured the iced coffee taste, and it's not overly sweet which is nice. Unlike the iced coffees you'll find in the supermarket it's not loaded with sugar. In fact the macros are phenomenal - this packs 23g protein at under 100 cals. Plus the coffee provides a nice 150mg caffiene kick. Top product all round.

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Nutrition Total (250ml)
Calories 99
Protein 22.7
Carbs 1
(of which sugars) 1
Fibre 0
Fat 0.3
(of which saturates) 0.3

Water, MILK Protein, Coffee Extract (1.5%), Sweetener : Sucralose; Stabiliser: Carrageenan, Sodium Carbonate.