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Novo Easy Bar - Caramel Cookie Crunch

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Novo have experimented with different protein snacks, including crisps, wafers and (weirdly) protein Cheerios. They've finally realised bars are where the action is at, and their first release ticks all the key boxes: 20g protein - check, low sugar - check, soft fluffy core with crunchies and a caramel flavoured layer along the top - check. It also responds very well to a few seconds in the microwave.


Softness Soft
Chewiness Less chewy
Sweetness Very sweet
Crunchies/chunks Some
Filling (satiety) Filling
Calories per 1g protein 10-15 cals per g

Our ratings explained

Nutrition Total (60g)
Calories 221
Protein 20
Carbs 17
(of which sugars) 2.4
Fibre 6.6
Fat 9
(of which saturates) 5.5