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OhYeah! One Bar - Key Lime Pie

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As OhYeah! moves into uncharted territory with the first Key Lime Pie protein bar, we wonder what other flavours may be on the horizon (wedding cake anyone?). The tartness of the lime is authentic and natural. There's a hint of creamy sweetness to offset this, but we'd like to see a touch more. Nonetheless, it's a good effort and makes a refreshing change from chocolate.


Softness soft
Chewiness chewy
Sweetness less sweet
Crunchies/chunks some
Filling (satiety) filling
Calorie / 1g protein ratio 10-15 cals per g

Our ratings explained

Nutrition Total (60g)
Calories 220
Protein 20
Carbs 13
(of which sugars) 1
Fibre 10
Fat 8
(of which saturates) 6

Protein Blend (Oh Yeah! Blend consisting of whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate), Isomalto-oligosaccharides (Prebiotic Fiber form vegetable source), soluble vegetable fiber, vegetable glycerine, almond butter, maltitol, palm kernel oil, natural flavors, non-fat dry milk, sea salt, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), Sea salt, Tapicoa startch, Calcium carbonate, Citric acid, Spirulina extract (added for colour). Tumeric (added for colour) and Sucralose.