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Stacker2 Barbarian Bar - Chocolate Caramel

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This is a brand new entry to the protein bar game but already its texture is up there with the best of them. Between the soft nougat centre, crunchies and smooth caramel layer it's clear this bar has been made in the same style as Barebells bars. And it works well. We're happy to see the gap between protein bars and normal chocolate bars continues to get smaller.


Softness Average
Chewiness Chewy
Sweetness Sweet
Crunchies/chunks Some
Filling (satiety) Filling
Calories per 1g protein 10-15 cals per g

Our ratings explained

Nutrition Total (60g)
Calories 210
Protein 20
Carbs 19
(of which sugars) 1.9
Fibre 2.7
Fat 8.3
(of which saturates) 5.1