Trial Box - March Box

Trial Box - March Box

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Order a trial box of the March RippedKit, containing the following:

We normally start by listing the new products, but nearly every product in here is a new release. It's an exciting time to be a protein snack addict!   The Red Velvet Cake One bar does a great job of capturing the cream-cheese frosting flavour of the real thing, while the Salted Caramel Whipped Bites offer the lightest, fluffiest texture we've ever seen on a protein bar. The Peanut Butter SinFit bar has an amazing roasted peanut taste and the Dark Choc Mint Staxx bar offsets the notes of peppermint with sweetness.   The new recipe Battle Oats Cookies & Cream flapjack packs much less sugar than the old ones and the Milk Chocolate Peanut Power of Me bar is another tasty but lean choice at a tiny 157 cals! The White Chocolate Mocha Carb Killa is a straight up classic that needs no introduction.   To mix things up we're bringing you an Apple Little Dragon Energy Shot (gives a punchy pre-workout boost), a Barebells Protein Pudding (silky smooth, creamy, plus 20g protein at just 144 cals), and premium beef biltong from Ember which is lightly seasoned with just the right amount of herbs and spices.  

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