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Trial Box - October 2018

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Order a trial box of the October RippedKit, containing the following:

New releases include Red Velvet Battle Bites (layers upon layers of deliciousness), Chocolate Peanut Butter PES Select bar (hits the perfect balance between chocolate and PB flavours), and the Chocolate Orange ON Whipped Bites - super soft with a delicious natural orange flavour.

Classics: Salty Peanut Barebells bar (the unique salty undertone works so well), White Choc Raspberry Combat Crunch (vanilla sweetness offset by tart raspberry), Salted Caramel One Bar (easily one of the best tasting salted caramel bars), Chocolate Caramel Staxx bar (thick chocolate coating), and the Double Chocolate Brownie PhD Diet Whey bar - not many bars capture the rich chocolate brownie flavour as well as this beauty.

The new Paprika Protein Crispies from Pandy are dangerously addictive and prove that these guys can do more than just sweets, while the Oatmeal Raisin Quest Cookie has a lovely buttery cinnamon taste while keeping carbs and sugar to a minimum.

Comes with free UK P&P.