USN Trust Crunch - Chocolate Brownie

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It's hard to deny that trust is a pretty lame name for a protein bar line. But it's what's under the wrapper that counts. The heavy covering of crispies means it delivers the big crunch it promises. So far, so trustworthy. Under that there's a soft core and a caramel layer. The chocolate flavour is deep and rich and the nutritionals are solid too. It's a good all-rounder.


Softness Soft
Chewiness Less chewy
Sweetness Sweet
Crunchies/chunks Lots
Filling (satiety) Filling
Calories per 1g protein 10-15 cals per g

Our ratings explained

Nutrition Total (60g)
Calories 213
Protein 20
Carbs 16
(of which sugars) 1.6
Fibre 7.2
Fat 8.4
(of which saturates) 4.6

Milk Chocolate(18%) [Sweetener (Maltitol), Cocoa Butter, Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass, Emulsifiers (lecithins (Soya)), Flavouring], Milk protein, collagen peptides, Soy protein, Humecant (Glycerol), Bulking agent (Polydextrose), Oligofructose, Sweeteners (Maltitol, Sucralose). Cocoa mass, Cocoa powder, Cocoa butter, Sunflower oil, Tapioca starch, Salt, Emulsifiers (Lecithins, E442), Butter fat (Milk), Colouring (Plain caramel).